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Brush Cleaner
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Brush Cleaner
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Airless Pump Cleaner
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Airless Pump Cleaner
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Instructions for Use

Do Not Dilute

Waterborne Paints

  1. Remove waterborne paint with water first!
  2. Soak brush in Dizzolve to loosen dried paint, over night if needed
  3. Wire brush if needed
  4. Agitate brush in a … strong detergent solution
  5.  Rinse with clean water

Oil / Solvent Base Paint

  1. Agitate brush in Dizzolve.
  2. Soak an gently wire brush if needed.
  3. Agitate brush in a… strong detergent solution.
  4. Rinse with clean water.

Dried pain on brush

  1. Soak brush in Dizzolve.
  2. Wire brush or comb periodically
  3. Soak time varies: Overnight minimum.
  4. Wire brush or comb again.
  5. Agitate brush in a … strong detergent solution
  6.  Rinse with clean water

Airless Pump

  1. Run Dizzolve through pump
  2. Follow with a… strong detergent solution.
  3. Rinse with clean water.

Characteristics & Advantages


Though Dizzolve is non-flammable, it is a class three combustible and rags soaked in it can spontaneously ignite. Standard precautions for handling oily rags must be taken.

Saves time

Dizzolve removes wet solvent based products from a brush in just seconds where as thinner often requires three rinses to remove the same amount of paint.

Reduces toxic waste

Dizzolve eliminates the waste stream caused when used thinners gather as a result of brush cleaning. Dizzolve consolidates the waste because one small batch continues to absorb the paint from many brushes without losing its effectiveness, whereas increasing amounts of thinners are needed to clean the same number of brushes.


The same batch of Dizzolve can be used again and again. Straining or settling is not required for satisfactory results. The paint solids will settle, however, allowing the reusable liquid to be poured off and reused.

Saves money

Because the same batch of Dizzolve can be used over and over, the cost per brush cleaned is far less than with traditional thinners. A quart of paint thinner will clean perhaps three brushes where as a quart of Dizzolve will clean about thirty brushes.

Protects health

Dizzolve is non-toxic, is safe on the skin and has no dangerous fumes. It is also nonflammable.

Earth friendly

Dizzolve is biodegradable, sustainable and non-toxic. It is therefore an earth-friendly, healthy substitute for traditional thinners for cleaning tools. However, disposal of used Dizzolve requires the following of local regulations for toxic waste disposal because of the presence of paint products in the Dizzolve.

Better brushes

Dizzolve restores brushes because it is a conditioner as well as a cleaner. Brushes treated with Dizzolve are soft, supple and retain a like-new conformation. Traditional thinners cause bristles to flare out.


Dizzolve has almost no odor and less than 25 g/l of VOCs.

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