A Lightning Fast, Revolutionary, 
Paint Thinner Replacement for
Cleaning Paint Brushes &
Airless Pumps/Sprayers
for Commercial, Residential,
or Fine Art Painters

DizzolveQuart 400DizzolveGallon 400 

The Modern way to Clean your Paint Brush Gear Fast & Safe...


  • Effective on Paint Brushes, Wet or Dried, Oil or Acrylic,
    Shellac, Lacquer, Waterborne,  and Hybrids
  • Reusable; use the same batch over and over
  • Brain and skin safe, Non Flamable, No Fumes, & No Solvents
  • Non-Toxic, Earth-Friendly, Biodegradable, Sustainable
  • Revive your favorite brushes!


This Stuff Really Does Work!

Clean paint brushes like the pros...

Learn how to Clean Paint Brushes Without Solvents!

"Simply a Better way to Clean your Paint Gear"

"House Painters FAVORITE paint brush cleaner is Dizzolve "

"Dizzolve is the only Responsible Solution to cleaning paint equipment"

"Clean your paint brush in 60 seconds on the job site!"

"The best way to clean your Airless Paint Sprayer"

"This is how to clean paint brushes fast"

"Dizzolve is Really Hardworking!"

   * Dispose in accordance with applicable
federal, state, and local reguations.


Available at:

Kelly Moore Paints

and other fine stores near you...


O' Brien Products - Dizzolve Brush Cleaner & Conditioner - Non-Toxic, Earth-Friendly, Bio-Degradable, Sustainable, Reusable, No Fumes & No Solvents